Private Sessions

Are Private Yoga Sessions for you?

Private sessions may be for you if:
  • You want to try yoga but are intimidated and prefer to learn in a one on one environment
  • You have a demanding schedule and it is difficult to make group classes - we can help you create a home practice
  • You have an existing practice and want to work on advanced postures
  • You enjoy classes but have a few tricky spots you would like to work with
  • You would like to practice in a quiet environment with your partner
  • You would like a practice tailored to your unique condition

Contact us to schedule your private session.

We have multiple private instructors as well as a beautiful yoga studio dedicated to private sessions.  Contact us to schedule. 


Private and Small Group Yoga Nidra with Terri

iRest Yoga Nidra is a 10 stage meditation technique developed by Dr. Richard Miller, a clinical Psychologist.  iRest is appropriate for those without yoga experience and who experience extreme stress or trauma.  This technique is being used by a growing number of healthcare organizations, including the Veterans Administration, US Department of Defense, addiction treatment centers and homeless shelters, to name a few. 

Terri studied with Richard Miller, directly and has received Level 1 certification. 

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